How to buy shell oil for $20,000 a ton

With oil prices hovering near record highs, Shell Oil is now offering to buy oil stocks for $15,000 to $20.000 a barrel.

It’s the latest move in the oil market’s evolution, which has seen a steep drop in the cost of oil and a surge in the value of crude oil.

As the oil price continues to drop, Shell has started buying crude oil in bulk, increasing the amount of oil that can be traded at a profit.

Shell also plans to buy crude oil to use in its fuel cell vehicles. 

Shell Oil has long used the $1 billion-a-year market value of oil to justify its massive profits.

Its business model is simple: Buy and sell oil and other petroleum products at prices that reflect the current market value. 

Last week, the company reported a record $5.4 billion in profit for the first quarter of 2016.

Shell is currently spending more than $1.3 trillion on the energy sector, including buying and refining crude oil, refineries and pipelines.

The company also reported a $1 trillion net income for the last three years, and a net loss of $1,000 million for 2016. 

However, the oil industry is seeing a steady decline in oil prices.

According to Bloomberg News, crude oil prices have dropped to $43 a barrel in the first week of September, down more than 30 percent since the start of the year.

The average price of crude in U.S. futures has also dropped below $30 a barrel since the beginning of the calendar year, according to the Commodity Futures Trading Commission.

Shell’s purchase of crude, along with its other purchases of crude and other energy assets, is also causing some investors to question whether Shell’s $1-billion-a

With oil prices hovering near record highs, Shell Oil is now offering to buy oil stocks for $15,000 to $20.000…

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