Memphis’ first full-time, full-year food service job is full of snakes

Memphis, Tenn.

— Memphis’ first ever full-timed full-service restaurant has been open for business for over three months and it’s just getting started.

Memo’s, a new restaurant from chef-owner John “Mango” Memo and his wife, Melissa, opened its doors on Friday, June 13th, 2017.

They’ve been opening their restaurant for three months now and have already had a few patrons come in and say “I’m here!”

Memo and Melissa say they are looking forward to the restaurant opening full-speed, with their full-sized kitchen, kitchen staff and full-size dining room available to serve food.

Memo has been cooking in the Memphis area for over 20 years.

He is a chef-at-large at Memphis’ Michelin-starred Mango’s, and a national leader in the creation of new food products.

The Memphis native started his own restaurant in the early ’90s called The Food House, and his current restaurant is known as the “Mangos Kitchen” in the city.

The new Memo’s restaurant has two levels of kitchens, one that serves sandwiches and an outdoor kitchen, and the second that serves all kinds of sandwiches and sides, as well as desserts and entrees.

The outdoor kitchen will be full of the restaurant’s signature fried chicken sandwiches, along with their famous chicken and grits.

The patio will be a full-circle with a patio patio seating area, and an indoor dining area.

The indoor dining room will feature a full bar area and a large TV area.

The restaurant is a partnership with local artist, singer, musician, and producer, DJ/producer, and rapper, Jadakiss, and he is bringing in some of his favorite artists and musicians to perform live on stage.

It will also feature some of Memphis’ finest, local talent performing their own live acts.

Memphis, Tenn.— Memphis’ first ever full-timed full-service restaurant has been open for business for over three months and it’s just…

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