Top 10 restaurants in London for 2017

London has been named the UK’s most expensive city to live in by Travel & Leisure magazine.

The magazine said the average price for a three-bedroom house in the capital was £2.9m.

London has also been named as the UKs most expensive food city, ahead of Manchester and Birmingham.

Top 10 restaurants to try in London 2017: 1.

The Ritz, The Roxy, £2,800,000: A three-storey apartment overlooking the Thames has a private dining room and spa with a swimming pool.

The price includes a kitchen and a terrace overlooking the river Thames, plus a gym, pool and a private balcony.

It also has a restaurant, bar and cafe.


Ritz London, £1,500,000 (out of 5.4m): A three storey apartment with a terraced garden and private bathroom, including an outdoor fitness area, is located in a trendy area of the city.

The property has been refurbished and is currently owned by a local family.


The Gourmet Restaurant, £4,500: The upscale restaurant on the top floor of the London Fashion Institute has been open for three years and has been serving a full menu.

The restaurant has a full kitchen and bar area, with a lounge, a bar and private bedroom.


The Trench & Tractor, £3,700,000 (£3.4 million): The restaurant and bar at the top of the Ritz Tower is a restaurant with a bar, lounge, private dining and a wine bar.

It has a separate restaurant on another floor with a private kitchen and private dining area.


Prawn &amp.

Pies, £900,000(out of 3.6m): The £800,00 restaurant at the Prawn restaurant has been closed since it opened in June 2016.

It opened in May 2019, with staff on strike.

The menu includes two prawns, three chicken wings and a prawn salad.


The Queen Mary, £850,000; £1.2 million: The £850.00 restaurant and lounge at the Queen Mary has been converted into a restaurant and has a bar with private dining.


The Odeon, £770,000.£7 million: An apartment on the seventh floor of The Omelette is the home of a luxury spa and private room, while the apartment has a swimming and gym.

The apartment has been renovated and is now owned by the family of the hotel manager.


The Red Barn, £690,000 £2 million (out 2.7m): This five-bedroom apartment has five bedrooms, a kitchen, a full bath and a small terrace.

It’s the fourth-highest-priced property in the UK. 9.

The Lighthouse, £640,000.(out of 1.5m): An eight-bedroom townhouse on the outskirts of central London has an open kitchen and full kitchen, as well as a spa, bar, gym and a cinema room.

It is owned by Simon Beddoes, who is also the manager of The Laundromat in London.


The Downton Abbey, £560,000£2 million(out 2m): Four-bedroom flat at The Damp Tower, a £1 million luxury property in central London, has four bedrooms and a garden.

It comes with a full-time kitchen and kitchenette, with the option of a separate living room.

London has been named the UK’s most expensive city to live in by Travel & Leisure magazine.The magazine said the…

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