Why we have a ‘new’ form of ‘bionic’ arm in Australia

More than a year after the launch of a device that would replace our limbs with a form of artificial intelligence, Australians are finally beginning to take advantage of the technology.

Key points:Australians can now use a new robotic arm for simple tasks, such as turning on the lights in a roomThe machine is designed to improve productivity, reduce injuries and even save livesIf you or anyone you know needs help:Read more Australians are now able to use a robotic arm that uses a pair of sensors to detect the presence of objects in a environment, and to turn on the light in a darkened room.

The new arm is called the MIRI arm and is being developed by Melbourne-based startup Axiom Robotics, which is currently in a research and development phase.

“It’s really important for our technology to be available to the public, and the sooner we can get the product to market, the better,” Axiom’s CEO David Ainsworth said.

“The MIRIs are not only for medical research, but they’re also used for everything from emergency response to industrial automation, which could be really helpful in certain situations.”

The Mircis arm was first launched in March last year, and was developed by the company’s robotics research team.

It is designed for a range of tasks, including opening the door, turning on a light, checking for an intruder, and controlling a robot.

The machine uses cameras and ultrasonic sensors to provide “intelligent” guidance, and has been used in a variety of settings, from emergency room to industrial production.

It can be controlled remotely, and can also detect objects such as a door knob or an air vent in the space, as well as in its environment.

The MIRCIS arm has a range to choose from, with options for turning on lights, turning lights on or off, and turning a light on or not.

It also includes an “intelligence sensor”, which will monitor the presence and movement of objects around the Mircises arm, and be able to give its owner an alert if they are approaching a door.

The technology is already being used in emergency departments around Australia, and is expected to be used in more medical settings in the coming months.

But for now, Axiom is only using it in the company offices, which it plans to expand over the coming year.

The team is also developing the arm for use in industries such as aerospace, where the technology could be applied to the manufacturing process, or to other industries where there are greater needs.

“As we grow, we’re going to be able [with the technology] in a much broader range of industries, in the aerospace industry, manufacturing, and we’ll be able use it in other industries as well,” Mr Ainsbury said.

The arm was developed using Axiom technology.

More than a year after the launch of a device that would replace our limbs with a form of artificial…

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