‘Rogue’ software lets hackers remotely disable security features of smart TVs

Hacker groups known as the “Rogue Hackers” have developed software that can be used to remotely disable certain security features on smart TVs.

In a post on the dark web, the group said the program could disable “smart” features such as video recording, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or audio streaming.

A post on Reddit, however, revealed that the malware used to create the backdoor was also included with the TVs.

The group claims to have developed the tool in an effort to help the CIA and other intelligence agencies infiltrate smart TVs, which it says are used by many “non-technical” people.

The “Rogue Hacker” group was created by the hacker collective Anonymous.

It also says it uses “the largest collection of malware for the CIA to conduct cyber-espionage” and “used the code to install their own malware onto the TVs.”

The malware, which was first uncovered in September 2017, is capable of infecting the TVs of “every smart TV model” and can disable features such a Bluetooth audio codec and the ability to use the HDMI output.

Hackers have targeted TVs since the mid-2000s.

The CIA was forced to replace the “Ghostbuster” in 2011 after the company’s smart TVs began to fail due to hacking attempts.

In 2017, the CIA also lost control of its spyware after a group of hackers compromised the spyware’s code.

Hacker groups known as the “Rogue Hackers” have developed software that can be used to remotely disable certain security features…

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