The perfect trailer for ‘Pick Up Camper Shell’

MTV News is excited to present our annual trailer for our new pickup campocalypse movie, Pick Up Campocalypse.

The movie features some of the most iconic trailers of the year, and is packed with classic moments, like the pickup truck in a deserted highway, or a car that flies into the air and ends up on the floor.

The movie is a prequel to the much anticipated trailer for the upcoming The LEGO Movie, which is set to debut in theaters this December.

We also have a trailer for another upcoming movie, Black Panther.

We’re excited to share this trailer with you this time, which will be coming out on March 12.

Check it out below, and we’ll have more coming soon.

Pick UpCamperShell is an animated comedy that follows a young couple (a single mom, a guy who has just been divorced) who are searching for their kidnapped daughter.

In a rural Pennsylvania town, a young boy named Sam (played by Kevin Hart) is searching for his lost cousin, an anthropomorphic cat named Pickup (played and directed by Will Ferrell).

Sam’s search leads him to a small, rural town called Pickup’s Landing.

Sam’s friend, Bobby (played in the film by Nick Offerman), is also searching for Pickup, who has disappeared.

Sam and Bobby find a small house, which Sam has dubbed “Pickup’s Home.”

In Pickup and Sam’s home, Pickup has taken up residence.

Pickup is a young and handsome man with a lot of big plans.

Sam, on the other hand, is searching to find his missing cousin, and wants to be the best man at Bobby’s wedding.

Sam and Bobby decide to get together and form a pickup truck and set out to search for Pickups missing cousin.

They decide to go on a road trip and discover that they are the missing persons’ family.

The story follows them and Bobby as they investigate the mystery of Pickup.

A trailer has been released for the movie, and you can check out the trailer right here:

MTV News is excited to present our annual trailer for our new pickup campocalypse movie, Pick Up Campocalypse.The movie features…

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