When walnut shell cracks: Shell layoffs leave a trail of shell crackers

Shell employees in the United States and around the world were told they would have to start paying $15 to $20 a month to use the shell-cracking shellfish at their restaurants.

The new rules, announced Friday, are meant to prevent shell crackering by employees who want to make a profit off the shellfish.

That’s when employees would have had to cough up $30 or $40 a month for shell crackery and other shell-related services.

The news comes a few months after Shell announced that it would be closing its $4.6 billion operations in the U.S. and Canada, including the Shell Shell restaurants in New York, Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia, Boston and Toronto. 

“This announcement is an important milestone for Shell and its employees who work so hard to provide our customers with quality seafood,” Shell’s head of corporate affairs, Greg Johnson, said in a statement Friday.

“It’s a major step in our ongoing commitment to reduce our carbon footprint and bring sustainable seafood to our customers.” 

Shell said it would begin cracking shellfish in 2017.

The company said the new rule would be implemented by the end of March, and by the time the company’s restaurants begin cracking shells, it will have implemented more than a dozen changes to the way the company operates. 

Shell announced the shell cracking rules in March.

In December, Shell was ordered to pay $7 billion to settle allegations that it failed to properly test its seafood in the lab and that it used poor practices in the production of the shells. 

In the past, Shell has faced accusations that it was hiding the shells in its seafood.

The shell crackings were announced after Shell’s board of directors met for the first time in years. 

The company’s board has a long history of criticism of the company, and the board voted to cut ties with the board’s chairman, Michael Crichton, in March, citing his role in a federal investigation of Shell’s shell cracking.

Shell employees in the United States and around the world were told they would have to start paying $15 to…

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