Watch the stars of the Australian drama ‘Silver Shell’ on the silver screen

Destin – The Silver Shell has a story to tell.

Its star, actor Adam Scott, is a seasoned Australian actor who’s been nominated for the Oscar four times.

His latest nomination was for his performance in the new comedy drama The Secret Life of Pets, about a family whose house is haunted by a pet that’s also a ghost.

In his own words, Adam Scott says he learned a lot about acting while on set.

“It was a really great experience,” he said.

“[The script] was written by two guys who worked on The Office.

One of them was actually my dad, he was a producer and a writer on that show.”

Adam Scott and his partner, actress Kate Hoey, in ‘Silver Sea’.

Adam has worked with the likes of George Clooney, Chris Rock, and David Schwimmer.

Adam says that’s what made him want to come to Australia for the film, as well as to be able to share the experience with his family.

He says the film is an emotional experience, but the experience is also about making an honest film.

It’s about sharing the story and letting the audience know who we are, and that we’re a good family.

Adam Scott in ‘The Secret Life’ Adam says he feels lucky to be an Australian and to be making a movie here.

If you’re ever in Sydney, the first thing that strikes you is that there are a lot of people who have lived in Australia for a long time.

Adam says it’s important to show that it’s a rich culture.

We’re a bit of a melting pot and we’re all connected.

As for the cast, they’re all from Australia, Adam says, so the casting process was pretty smooth.

Kate Hoeing, left, and Adam Scott as Adam and his wife, Kate in ‘ The Secret Lives of the Hoes’ (2016).

Kate and Adam were both nominated for best supporting actor in the film.

Adam is now in production on the third film in the franchise.

Watch Adam Scott talk about his film in his own video below:Adam Scott has been nominated five times for a Best Actor Oscar, including Best Supporting Actor for his portrayal of the young Australian actor, Adam Hoeying in ‘Hoes’.

‘Silver Shell’: An emotional tale of love, loss and family, ‘Silver’ is released in Australia on January 21.

Read more about the film:

Destin – The Silver Shell has a story to tell.Its star, actor Adam Scott, is a seasoned Australian actor who’s…

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