Month: July 2021

The Lad’s Guide to the Bible

A Lad has compiled a handy list of all the biblical scriptures that the Lad has read.The Lad, who is…

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Why is there a shell island resort in the Philippines?

When the Philippines first started exporting seafood to the United States, the country had one of the worst records of…

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What’s in your house that’s causing a problem? | Fox News host says it’s time to put a lid on the heat

Fox News contributor and host Laura Ingraham, whose MSNBC show airs at 11 p.m.ET on Fox News Channel, says she…

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The taco shells: Why they’re worth a few hundred dollars, and what you need to know about them

The tacos are back!The taco shell is back.The taco is back!That was the reaction to news that Taco Bell has…

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How you can make your home more eco-friendly

By the time you get home from work and return home to your kitchen, the house may be nearly empty.And…

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How to run your own shell in PowerShell

If you have a Windows machine, there are some steps you can take to make it run natively in PowerShell. It’s…

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Why did the world’s oceans become a little warmer?

The world’s seas have been warmer in recent years, and now, researchers say, they could be getting warmer again.They think…

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What are the shells?

Large pasta shells are a popular shell, but are they safe?source RTV News title Abalone shell safe?article Abalone shells are…

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Which of the UK’s ‘royal’ shell brands are best?

A popular shell in the UK and Ireland, Royal Shell, has won the title of Britain’s best-selling shell in terms…

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